Celebration of women in medicine

A celebration was organised by the team at Sydney Adventist Hospital ahead of International Women’s Day.

A special dinner on March 7 acknowledged the contribution of women in medicine and was attended by the hospital’s surgeons and local general practitioners.

Medical and clinical governance executive Dr Jeanette Conley opened the event by acknowledging the significance of the occasion. “Tonight, we celebrate and acknowledge the remarkable contributions of women to both the medical field and society as a whole,” she said.

Women were empowered by guest speakers as they shared their insights and perspectives on perseverance within the workplace. They spoke about their career journeys, the importance of supporting women in the workplace, challenges, the importance of mentorship in encouraging medical graduates and trainees, and the changing landscape of the medical field.

“The celebration of International Women’s Day reminded women within the hospital and broader community of the resilience, leadership and care that women display, and left them with a renewed sense of determination to continue championing gender equality and diversity,” a hospital spokeswoman said.

Opened in 1903, Sydney Adventist Hospital, affectionately known as “the San”, is New South Wales’ largest private hospital, providing a comprehensive range of acute surgical, medical and obstetric care with state-of-the-art technology and facilities. With a mission of “Christianity in action”, the San is committed to caring for the body, mind and spirit of all patients and staff.