Community lifeline

Adventists in Katoomba, Australia, are celebrating five years of serving their community through a food pantry.

Each Tuesday morning, locals are welcomed with open arms at the pantry. They not only receive vital food items but also a warm embrace from the dedicated volunteers who run the pantry. 

The pantry has been a lifeline for residents, offering much-needed support to those facing food insecurity. What sets this pantry apart is its commitment to providing fresh, vegetarian options to all who are seeking assistance. The pantry is run 100 per cent on donations and the work of volunteers. 

The church also runs an op-shop, which started about 12 months after the food pantry, and last year donated clothing and bedding to flood victims in the Penrith-Hawkesbury area.

The team has also helped several homeless people who now have accommodation and were in need of household items. 

The initiative is about more than just distributing food; it’s about building relationships.