SPD Scholarship

  • Do you feel called to pastoral ministry?
  • Would you like to study ministry at one of the Adventist universities or colleges in the South Pacific?
  • Are you a woman living within the South Pacific Division?

The SPD Women in Ministry Scholarship Fund, administered by the SPD Ministerial Dept, seeks to provide financial assistance to women wishing to enrol or who are currently enrolled in ministerial/theological training at Adventist institutions of higher education within the SPD*. The purpose of the scholarship is to affirm and encourage women to undertake a study program that would equip them for effective full-time ministry.

There are a limited number of scholarships available for the following study programs:

  1. Up to 50% of tuition for 4 years of full-time equivalent study for the Bachelor of Ministry and Theology at Pacific Adventist University
  2. Up to 50% of tuition for 3 years of full-time study for the Advanced Diploma in Ministry and Theology at Sonoma Adventist College
  3. Up to 50% of tuition for 3 years of full-time equivalent study for Bachelor of Theology Hons at Fulton Adventist University College
  4. Up to 30% of tuition for 4 years of full-time equivalent study for the Bachelor of Ministry and Theology at Avondale University**
  5. Up to 30% of tuition for 2 years of full-time equivalent study for the Master of Ministry at Avondale University**

Applications can be made at any stage of a study program; however, scholarships will not be applied retroactively to completed units. There will be a pro-rata reduction in funding if the student enrols in less than full-time study. This scholarship may be held in conjunction with any other scholarship.

* Under special circumstances where the student is unable to study at an Adventist institution of higher education within the SPD, a scholarship to an alternate Adventist seminary may be considered, in consultation with SPD Ministerial.

** Applicants in the AUC will apply through the AUC WIPM Scholarship process. If successful, AUC WIPM Scholarship recipients will receive funding from the SPD WIM Scholarship to top up the scholarship to the percentage stated above. This may be reviewed annually.

Eligibility Criteria

Applicants must meet the following eligibility criteria:

  1. Be practicing, baptised female members of the Seventh-day Adventist Church with a strong commitment to its mission, demonstrating a willingness to live in harmony with the beliefs, teachings, ethos and lifestyle of the Seventh-day Adventist Church.
  2. Have the legal right to study in the country of school enrolment.
  3. Maintain full-time or part-time enrolment in one of the above-listed higher education programs.
  4. Demonstrate satisfactory academic progress and competence in meeting ministerial placement requirements.
  5. Demonstrate continuing commitment, calling to, and suitability for ministry.


  1. Continuance of the Scholarship is contingent upon passing all units. The Scholarship may be suspended for the semester following the failure of any unit, and then may be reinstated following the next semester in which all units are passed.
  2. The award of a Scholarship does not guarantee an offer of paid employment in the ministry of the Seventh-day Adventist Church upon graduation.

Application Process

  1. Applicants are required to complete the Application Form, along with a statement of their Ministry Philosophy and submit it to the Associate SPD Ministerial Secretary (WIM) by 30th November each year.
  2. Applicants will subsequently participate in an interview facilitated by the SPD Ministerial Association and the corresponding Union Ministerial Secretaries/WIM leaders.

Award Process

  1. The SPD WIM Scholarship Committee will award scholarships based on recommendations from the SPD Ministerial Association at their discretion and as funding permits.
  2. Students will be informed of the outcome of their application by the appropriate Union Ministerial Association by 28th February in the year of application.
  3. The value of this scholarship will be awarded to the successful applicant’s student account at the school of enrolment in the first week of each semester.
  4. The decision of the SPD WIM Scholarship Committee is final.

This scholarship is offered at the discretion of the Seventh-day Adventist Church (Pacific) Limited Board and may be reviewed from time to time.

How to Apply

  • If you live in Australia, please apply via the Australian Union Conference.
  • If you live in elsewhere in the South Pacific, check back soon for information on how to apply.