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Church leadership is fraught with challenges – rigid structures, internal politics, secularism, limited resources… Often leaders struggle to gain traction under the mountain of pressures. We’re here to share the load and support you to lead with courage and confidence. We’re here to listen, challenge and offer new insights and perspectives, and we are totally committed to seeing you succeed. Together, we can make a difference for eternity.

Helping you lead with courage and confidence for eternity.

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The Team

Sven Östring

Director of Ministry & Strategy
GC Liaison Roles: Family Ministries & Chaplaincy
Administrative Assistant: Leena Soloman

Nick Kross

Associate Director of Ministry & Strategy | Director of Public Affairs & Religious Liberty
GC Liaison Roles: Youth, Adventurer, Pathfinders
Administrative Assistant: Leena Soloman

Maddy Voinea

Ministry Innovations and Marketing Leader
Innovation Website
GC Liaison Roles: Children’s Ministries
Administrative Assistant: Shaylee Walsh

Leena Soloman
Dean Banks
Wayne Krause
Geraldine Przybylko
Danny Phillip
Julian Archer
Greg Young
Brad Kemp
Shaylee Walsh
Pam Townend
Di Samani Eke

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