Symposium  II

Online Event
October 29, 2023

Catch Up – Full Program

Catch Up – Presentations

The Emergence of the Prophetic Voice
Ellen G. White and Salvation
Relevance of Ellen G. White writings for the contemporary generation
Ellen G. White and Young People

Catch Up – Short Films

Ellen White Social Warrior
Ellen White and the Youth


Mark Pearce

Director, Ellen G. White Research Centre, Avondale University

Mark was born in Mackay, Queensland and grew up in a farming context. He graduated from Avondale College with a BA (PUC) in 1984 and worked as a church pastor first in the Northern Australian Conference (10 years) and then in the South Queensland Conference (24 years). He completed an MA Religion (Andrews University) in 1993, and then a BA Honours at the University of Queensland in 2007. He is currently completing a Postgraduate Certificate in Ellen White and Adventists Studies (Andrews University) while his PhD is on intermission. He worked at Pacific Adventist University as the inaugural Director of the Pacific Adventist Research Centre as well as teaching in the Theology faculty for 18 months prior to commencing his current role as Director of the Ellen G. White/SDA Research Centre at Avondale University in July 2020, which also includes teaching for the Seminary.

Darius Jankiewicz, PhD

Field and Ministerial Secretary, South Pacific Division

Darius Jankiewicz is the Field and Ministerial Secretary for the South Pacific Division. Until June 2019 he served as a professor of historical theology and chair of the Theology and Christian Philosophy department at the Seventh-day Adventist Theological Seminary at Andrews University, USA. Darius holds PhD and MDiv degrees from Andrews University and a BA from Avondale College, Australia. He is married to Edyta, and they have two young adult daughters, Caitlin and Ashley. His particular theological interests are soteriology (doctrine of salvation) and ecclesiology (doctrine of the Church) and the way these two doctrines interact in the life of the Church.

Chantal Klingbeil, PhD

Associate Director, Ellen G. White Estate

Chantal J. Klingbeil loves bouncing around creative ideas and dreaming up new ways of reaching the next generation of Adventists with the Good News of Jesus’ soon coming. Born and raised in South Africa, she has worked as high school teacher, university professor, TV host, and served for 10 years as an associate director of the Ellen G. White Estate at the General Conference. She has recently moved with her family to Germany and currently serves as communication and church growth director in the Hanse Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. She holds a Ph.D. in linguistics from Stellenbosch University, South Africa, and has published widely both in academic and more popular contexts. Chantal enjoys team-teaching and team-preaching with her husband, Gerald, and together they have authored two Adult Sabbath School Study Guides focusing on “Background Characters in the Old Testament” in 2010 and “Resting in Jesus” in 2021. Their three young adult daughters keep her young and on her toes.


Jesse Herford

Editor, Signs of the Times, Adventist Media

Charissa Torossian

Prayer Coordinator, North NSW Conference

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