Heroic grandmother

Adventist grandmother Kion Kopal Diai has been credited for saving 17 lives—seven adults and 10 children—in the devastating landslide that struck Enga Province, Papua New Guinea, on May 24.

According to the Papua New Guinea Post-Courier, Mrs Diai, who was asleep at a lodge owned by her son, awoke to a rumbling sound. After alerting guests, who escaped, Mrs Diai, 70, returned to her room when the lodge was swept away by the landslide.

“The lodge was completely buried with mama Kion inside,” reported the Post-Courier. Mrs Diai was rescued by authorities in what the article describes as a “miraculous escape”.

Her grandson Desmond Kopen shared the story with the newspaper, saying his grandmother is a “prayer warrior”.

The landslide is thought to have buried over 2000 villagers. Hundreds more have been displaced. The Adventist Development and Relief Agency has distributed food to those impacted and is working with the Enga Provincial Disaster Committee to assess the situation and coordinate ongoing relief efforts.