Showing God’s love

A community pantry has opened on the grounds of Bishopdale Seventh-day Adventist Church in Christchurch, New Zealand.

“Times are tough and we wanted to help our community with no strings attached, demonstrating God’s love to a world in need of him,” said the church’s welfare coordinator Sharyn Parrett.

“Despite only operating for a week, we are already recognising the significant need in our area. Thankfully, our church members are generously donating both food and funds to support this cause.

“We feel fortunate to have local shops also contributing fruits and vegetables, and receiving bread and buns weekly is truly fantastic. Sanitarium has also kindly donated cereals and are happy to continue supporting our initiative. We are deeply thankful for all the support received.”

Ms Parrett says the Bishopdale community has embraced the new pantry with enthusiasm: “While topping up the pantry, which we do most days, I’ve had the opportunity to engage with people who express happiness about having this resource in their area.”