Teaching vital life skills

The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) in the Solomon Islands has taken a significant step towards community empowerment and safety by organising two days of first aid training at its Kukudu branch office in the Western Province.

The initiative was aimed at equipping ADRA staff and local community members with vital skills to effectively handle emergency situations. The training was presented by a first aid facilitator from the Solomon Islands Red Cross (SIRC) in Honiara.

For many attendees, this was their first exposure to first aid training, which made them consider how they could have mitigated prior incidents with the knowledge they now possessed.

In light of the training’s success and the positive response from participants, ADRA is planning a follow-up training session to reinforce and expand their skills.

Initiatives like this reflect ADRA’s commitment to building a more resilient community capable of tackling various emergencies, contributing to the safety and wellbeing of the broader community in the Solomon Islands.