Health boost

A new exercise program created by Adventists in Vanuatu is helping the community improve their fitness and health.

Called “Ezzy Move”, the program is designed to help participants get back in shape and to promote good health. According to Vanuatu’s Daily Post, the sessions include push-ups, stretches, jogging and tips for living a healthy lifestyle. The Bible also provides inspiration, specifically the book of Luke (chapter 1, verse 37), which says “with God nothing shall be impossible”. This helps to motivate the participations to keep going.

Many of the participants have seen health improvements, including a reduction in their blood sugar levels.

According to Sammy James, the program has led to a lot of positive changes in his life.

“My job involves getting out into the field to do work, but with my previous infamous body weight, it had given me restrictions and barriers and making me find it difficult to work fluently,” he told the Daily Post

“However after being here for over a year massive changes has come and am very fit now with a great body that come in very handy at work and at home.”